vendredi 23 janvier 2015


Er...not quite. Not that kind of "stranded".

I've just finished my Cropped Sweater, and I had started a Gazost turban to warm up my ears now that I got my hair chopped off. Thing is, I misjudged the quantity of wool that would be necessary for this project, and I'm missing one ball of yarn to get it finished. So I find myself...well, stranded, and all the more so because the last ball of yarn I bought for this project was also the last one remaining in my LYS, and I have to wait for them to restock.
Furthermore, the online shop where I like to buy my yarn for bigger projects is also one skein short of Cascade Eco+ (I'd like some to make Kate Davies' Owls Sweater), and I'd rather wait for them to restock so I can order everything I need once and save money on the shipping.

So...What you do when stranded, and no yarn left to knit (to at least finish what you've got going, I mean)?
Well...take some scraps and...try your hand at stranded knitting!
And yes, this is what I did! I had almost half a skein each of blue and ecru Cascade 220 left from my Cropped Sweater, and a little bit less of the yellow I used for my Myrna.
So I grabbed the tutorial I used for my first hat, decided to omit the cables and started drafting a diagram to make a little pattern with birds, clouds and a sun.

Here's how it looks for the moment :

Yeah, I know, it's not looking like much for the moment...but I hope it turns out nice enough in the end, and if it does, maybe I'll share the diagram. How would you like that?

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