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Just as a note : yes, I'm French, but this blog is written in English because :

  • I want to be able to interact with as many people as possible, and I think writing in French would reduce the opportunities to do so (yeah, I guess, I could write in both languages, but I'm too lazy for it, sorry ;) );
  • The first things I learned about sewing (one of the main topics of this blog) came from sources written in English, so I feel more comfortable discussing sewing in this language;
  • Simply because I want to keep practising my English in other ways than just reading :)
Cela dit, si vous êtes francophone, vous pouvez bien entendu commenter en Français et je vous répondrai de même avec plaisir ! 

A few rules concerning comments :
  • This blog is by no means a place for showing anyone’s political comittments. You have the right to express your opinion and debate, of course, but be respectful of other people’s opinions. The comments that will be judged too offensive will be deleted.
  • I'm perfectly OK if you want to use swear words...but try not to be insulting!And please do try to write correctly as far as spelling and syntax are concerned, and avoid using IRC/ SMS language.
  • If by any chance you wanted to use some written contents or pictures from my blog, please quote the sources and link to them.
  • Please don’t comment just to say « visit my blog » or to advertise for your business.