dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Finished : a Cropped Sweater for SSK 2015

Hi everyone, just finished this sweater which I made for the Selfish Sweater Knitalong

When I put it on, I was so happy with it didn't want to take it off. I guess I'll wait till next weekend to block it...
This sweater was made using Andi Satterlund's Cropped Sweater for Winter tutorial.
Nothing much to say about it, apart from the fact that this is really quick to make, fun to knit and totally suitable for beginners! Not to mention that the pattern is free!

Well, now I'll try to think of an answer for an existential question...what to knit next?

2 commentaires:

  1. How about this little beauty here? http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEdf13/FEATdf13EK.php#PATT

    1. This sure looks lovely, Mr or Mrs Anonymous (pity that you didn't comment with your name BTW, it's always nicer ;)...at least I'm lucky it's not a hate comment!), but it still looks a bit out of my league...I'll keep it in mind and come back to it, maybe in a year or two!