vendredi 9 janvier 2015

Sewing musings...What to sew next?

Now that 2014 is over, it's time to think about stuff to sew in 2015...So here are my inspirations. Some of these are just musings, other relate to fabrics/patterns I arleady have and should use.

Things I'm (more or less) sure to make sooner or later :
  • My first order - My sister gave me some dark green linen she'd had for some time, and asked if I could make something for her with it. We decided upon Deer and Doe's Airelle blouse. I'm really happy to get to do this for her!
  • Cigarette pants - I think i'm going to follow Tasha's example and use B5895, which I've already made, and some black corduroy I bought on purpose a few months ago;
  • I haven't got the pattern yet, but I'd love to make a Bronte top with the remnants from my Moneta and Dolores Dress;
  • Taking another shot at Sencha, using another piece of fabric my sis gave me - robin's egg-blue linen. Even though it's not my favorite color (a bit too washed-out for my taste), I think it could look cute if I can find pretty vintage buttons in a contrasting color (would cotton-candy pink or a pale yellow look too girly? Or would it be better with black or white?) and add some matching embroidery around the neckline ;
  • another Picnic blanket skirt ;
  • A Lily with modified skirt (probably a gathered skirt with patch pockets) in watermelon print ;
  • Maybe a Sorbetto to use the remains of dotted swiss and cotton voile from my Hawthorn.
Things I'm dreaming of, but not sure to make immediately :
  • I've been drooling over any patio/southwestern/square dancing dress I see on the web, and I've been thinking about a way to reproduce the look without using a (possibly very expensive, probably hard to find and likely not in my size) vintage pattern. I finally thought, why not use the Anna dress bodice (the V-shaped neckline version seems most obvious to me, but the bateau neckline could work too!) with a tiered skirt? I'm thinking black lightweight cotton (or linen, maybe) with ricrac or pompom trims...
  • Another Anna inspiration : I thought about making it in a blue and green tartan wool fabric. I guess the shorter version would make quite a sweet, office friendly dress...but the longer version could have a sort of a punk-ish edge to it depending on how you style it (I'm thinking boots + leather biker style jacket here). What would you think?
  • Now that I've completed the Hawthorn, I'm less scared of tackling Colette Pattern's Ceylon...but I've yet to find the right fabric for it. How about some black broderie anglaise? or dark green silk crepe?
  • Wearing History Overalls, another try? In a checked wool fabric, perhaps?
Well, that's eleven potential sewing projects, so that shoud be enough to keep me busy for the year to come.
Also, apart from the Bronte top, I'd have all the patterns I need to complete these projects in my stash. And I also already have the fabric for seven of these, so how about a stash-busting year?

Let's see if I can stick to it!

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  1. bon il va y avoir du Colette dans ta garde robe et désormais cela va être agrémenté de tricot maison... moi j'attends la suite

    1. Oui, j'ai quelques Coletteries en projet! Cela dit, en ce moment, je suis plutôt en train de faire des essais pour l'Airelle de la frangine (plus qu'à trouver le temps d'aller la voir pour qu'elle puisse l'essayer...), et après (ou plutôt entre 2 séances d'ajustements d'Airelle sûrement) je vais me (re)mettre sur le B5895 pour lui allonger un peu les pattes...
      Pour le tricot je bricole plus ou moins du jacquard en attendant de pouvoir réattaquer un projet digne de ce nom (vivement qu'ils aient du réassort chez Laine et Tricot!!)...j'ai hâte!