lundi 3 mars 2014


I've been going through some hard times recently, which led to a loss of my sewing energy and me producing what will probably be my first UFO : 

 You might have recognized Colette Pattern's Sencha blouse. I actually don't exactly understand what's wrong with it (wrong size of choice, fabric...?)but I'm not sure I'm going to finish it. First there was a hell of a lot of fabric pooling at the bust and the neck opening was too small, I couldn't bring the closures of the keyhole opening together (it looks better with that frog closure, though). Then I chose to make the tucks at the front longer and it seemed to help with the excess fabric around the bust area,  but now it looks like I'm not going to be able to close it at the back. Duh.

On top of it, I don't think I like my fabric that much anymore. The print looked interesting at first - a repeated pattern of Hokusai's "wave" painting in a pink colourway - , but now, for some reason, it reminds me of raw meat. Ribs, to be precise.

Can you see what I mean? Sort of?
Well, the comparison might sound far-fetched, and there once was a time when I had nothing against a bit of gore, but I'd like to be able to wear my me-mades at work, and I work in an office, not in a butchery.

After this "failure" (mind you, this doesn't mean I hate this pattern and won't ever attempt it again!), I had started antother project - Deer&Doe's Chataigne shorts, which I got as a Christmas present - and, as the fit of this pattern turns out to be absolutely amazing without any alterations, what was initially my muslin (the "proper" version of the shorts will probably be made next Fall) is currently getting some proper seam finishes so I can actually wear it when the weather gets better...but even this seems to be taking ages.

Sooooooooo, in order to get out of that sewing rut, I decided that what I needed was to sew a simple garment, allowing me to work on beautiful seam finishes, in a print that would make me happy!
The pattern I chose is Colette Pattern's Ginger skirt...
Which I will make in this print from Spoonflower :

Jazz Fusion

I'm currently waiting for the fabric to get into my mailbox, but I can't wait to get started! Hope this will make my sewing mojo come back! So...stay tuned if you want to know more about what happens to this jazzy fabric!

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  1. Le tissus est ravissant et le modèle encore plus! Je me réjouis de voir la suite, quels boutons as-tu choisi?

    1. Bonjour Laetitia, si tu parles de la Sencha, j'avais trouvé si je me souviens bien (genre, ça fait tellement longtemps que j'ai lâché l'affaire que je ne m'en souviens déjà plus...^^) des boutons en nacre rose. Cela dit, si je veux la finir correctement, il faudrait à mon avis que je refasse complètement les plis sur le devant parce qu'actuellement ils ne finissent pas à la même hauteur et ça donne un truc tout tordu...Et si ça fonctionne pour faire diminuer le volume de tissu en excès au niveau du buste, est-ce que ça va me permettre de fermer cette blouse et de poser les boutons correctement? Et est-ce que ce sera à ma taille? Mystère...on verra bien, peut-être qu'un jour je trouverai le courage de la terminer!

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