mercredi 26 février 2014

Last nigth a bobby pin saved my life...

No shit. True story. Here’s how it goes.

In this picture, there is a thing which can save a knitter's life. Can you find it?

Last night I was knitting on the train that took me back home from work. (That’s the great thing about knitting : you can do it in public transports, whereas you can’t sew. Needles (circular are even better !) your current ball of yarn, and you’re set !) Anyway, back to the story.
I was doing my stuff and everything was fine, when suddenly I dropped a stitch. I was all « ohmygodIdroppedastitchIdon’thaveacrochethowthehellamIgoingtofixthat ? » but then I told my self, « stop panicking bitch, breathe deep and look in your bag if there’s something you could make do with ! » And there it was – a bobby pin !
I managed to grab my dropped stitch with it and fix it as I would have done with a crochet, and went on with my knitting.

Moral of the story : bobby pins can help you out of the worst situations. Even a possible shuttle crash.  
(Excerpt from Airplane 2 - interesting bobby pin-related action actually starts at 1:30)

(For those who are interested : my pink-hearse-print pencil case was made by the lovely Coffin Rock, whose block and online shop you can check here! And the pattern I'm currently knitting is Andi Satterlund's Cable brim beret, which you can find on Tuts+!)

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