jeudi 20 février 2014

First knitting project completed!

Hey folks, I just finished my first knitting project!

Pre-blocking - Sorry about the picture on the washing machine, this is about the only flat and white surface I could find in my apartment!

This is the Gorgeous Kerchief by Andi Satterlund (all instructions to make it can be found here!), which I chose because I didn't want to make a garter stitch scarf. Boring.
At least, now I can do ribbing and decreases, and I've learned how to read a knitting pattern!
Mind you, I thought for a moment I'd never get this finished. I had to start all over again three times, because, for some reason, I couldn't succeed to cast on the right number of stitches from the beginning, and everything looked crooked when I started knitting.
You may notice some kind of fringe made of black yarn : I used it as markers on my 3rd attempt at casting on, tying the black yarn in a loose knot every ten stitches. I finally managed to cast on the right number of stitches and was able to really start!
I wouldn't call it perfect (the shortest point is not long enough for me to pull it underneath the front and wear it as a proper Rosie-style headscarf) but I can still wear it as a headband or around my neck...and I'm feeling ready to tackle some more serious knitting!
I'm planning to make a beret next, and then the Hortencia sweater...but I'm stuck for the moment, as I have to wait until I can get the circular needle I ordered from my yarn shop! Looking forward to start something new!

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