mardi 25 mars 2014

A (almost) wearable muslin

Although I've been in a sewing funk lately, I still managed to get a few things stitched. Like this version of Deer and Doe's Chataigne shorts, for instance.
Now, I'm really not a shorts kinda girl usually - I don't like the way really short shorts tend to bunch up at the crotch. As a result I almost never wear shorts and don't have any in my closet. Or should I say, didn't have any!

I can't really decide what color this is : it looks like a bright red on the picture, but in person, and depending on the light, it may look more like a neon orange...

I first had mixed-up feelings when this pattern was released...and then I saw more and more beautiful versions popping up on the web (needless to say, the high-waisted version were my favorites!) and thought, "well, perhaps I should give it a try..."
I therefore gave most undiscreet hints to my boyfriend as to what a wonderful Christmas present it would be...and, as a result, I was able to make it.
Now, technically, this was only supposed to be a muslin (I had selected a brown wool blend for the final version, I guess it will eventually be made this Fall!). It's made in an unidentified synthetic fabric I bought at Toto in the fabrics-by-weight section and while it has a nice drape, it presses like sh*t. 
However, seeing how perfectly it fitted (size 40, no alterations needed at all!) I started trying to give my seams some cleaner finishes...until my boyfriend came in and said, "you can't wear that, you'd look like a clown!"
Well...too bad. I already had a few ideas of which tops and shoes I could pair it with!
What would you do in my place? Wear it? Or not?

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