dimanche 30 mars 2014

Lobster Quadrille skirt

2 weeks ago, I was browsing the web, half-heartedly wondering what I could do to get out of the sewing funk that followed my semi-success with my Chataigne shorts wearable (or not) muslin.
My musings led me to Tilly's "How To Make a Picnic Blanket Skirt" tutorial, which I had read with pleasure when she issued it. I thought I would probably do it someday but didn't know with which fabric...until this day , two weeks ago, when I thought, "Hey, why not make it in this lobster print cotton that's sitting in my stash since last summer?"
And BAM, there you have it : an easy, no-brainer, almost a complete stash-busting project (only thing I actually had to buy were the buttons).
Also, I've been lucky enough to finish it just on time to enter the "Skirt of the month" contest on Thread and Needles!
Here's how it looks in person...

And now, a close up on the lobsters!

And now I wonder : will I only wear it during weekends? Or will I pray to Our Lady of the Wacky Prints (aka Roisin) to give me the strength to wear it on week days at work?

Well, have a good day everyone!

3 commentaires:

  1. je rêve de Homard (bon dans mon assiette je l'avoue...) mais là quel cachet, cela rend super !

    1. Merci! C'est vrai qu'en avoir dans son assiette, c'est pas mal non plus :p

  2. I absolutely love this print! ^^