lundi 29 octobre 2012

Looking back on one year of sewing...Part 1

So, I can say now that I've been sewing for a year (a little bit more actually, since I actually started in August 2011). In order to - sort of - celebrate my "sewversary", I've decided to take a look at what I've made ever since. Now watch out, this is going to be a long, photo-heavy post (and the pictures are not really good, they were taken in haste, early in the morning, before going to work...sorry for that!) .

First, are these 2 circle skirts, which I made in Alexander Henry cotton, ordered without taking my measurements first...

 The waistband on the first (the pink tattoo one) is a bit saggy, which led me to do a very tight waistband for the second (with the Day of the Dead print), and the finishings are really rough - if you put aside the fact that I finished the hem with bias, as both skirts wouldn't have been long enough for my taste il I had made a proper hem. However, these skirts are nice and fun to wear, they have been on heavy rotation this summer and will be worn again.

My very first zipper...sigh...

A close-up on the tattoo print...

...and isn't this Day of the Deads print great?

After the skirts, was this top that I refashioned - originally a cowl/shawl neck top (I don't know the exact word to describe it), but as I have rather broad shoulders, it kept riding up in a way that annoyed me. 

So I cut up the "shawl" part at the back and prettied it up with some black lace. I quite like how it turned out and it looks great paired with the aforementioned Day of the Dead circle skirt, enhancing its Mexican vibe.

Then come this dress - made from Simplicity 7275

It took me 4 MONTHS to complete. Yup, that's it. From September to December 2011. Maybe not the best pattern choice for someone who has only sewn a couple of circle skirts before that. I mean, gathers, a zipper (my circle skirts both have zippers, but not that long!) and a lining? As if all that wasn't enough, I chose to make my life more complicated by making it in a plaid fabric.
I have to say, I had a hard time understanding how to insert the lining...and if I had to do it again I would choose another fabric (although the right accessories can minimize the somewhat dowdy look of this dress - I often wear it with a red bolero, pearls and skull cameo necklace, "zombie pin-up leg" brooch, red tights and fun shoes like my Miss LFire Land girl).
However, I like it and value it in spite of its flaws, so I'll keep wearing it until I get tired of it.)

Now on to the flaws...a gaping neckline...

...unwanted puckers here and there... 

...plaids that don't match, busted seams at the back slit which I will have to fix...And yet, this garment has taught me how to use a pattern and how to face some issues, and I think I will come back to this pattern sooner or later (I'll probably make a more summery version with a flared skirt). No need to say that the Crepe Dress, which I tackled after this one, seemed easy as pie to me.

Well now, I did think this post would be long, but it's actually longer than I thought. So I'll leave it there for the moment, stay tuned if you want to read about what I did after that!


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