mardi 16 octobre 2012

A birthday present in the making...

 There you go :
Yes, it is a Lonsdale bodice peeking out from under the shirt muslin. Yes, I'm not really any good at tidying and storing stuff away. But on the other hand, my muslin/fabric/scraps stash only consists of a big shopping bag which is already overloaded. And I have no room anywhere else in my flat.

For the first time in my life (if you except last Christmas when I made coin purses for all the ladies of my family), I am sewing for somebody else than me. The recipient of this gift is Carl, my boyfriend, who turns 27 at the end of this month! Happy birthday to him!
The pattern I'm using is Kwik Sew 3484, which has actually proven true to its name, in spite of the fact that life and being tired have somewhat been getting in the way of my sewing lately. I'll be making a mixture between views A and B of the pattern : I initially planned to make the whole shirt in the Tiki fabric that was left from my Lily (so view A), but as I haven't got enough of it left, I will only make the back, the pocket (from view A), and an inset on the front (see view B) in Tiki and the rest will be plain black cotton. And I found some nice wooden button for the closures.
The Mister has tried the muslin on and is happy with the I'd better get going if I want to have it all cut, sewn and ready to be offered by the end of the month!

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