lundi 29 octobre 2012

A possible refashion...

I bought this skirt from H&M, maybe 2 years ago. It's kind of nautical and rather comfy...but there's not much more to say about it, because it's a rather "meh" piece of clothing, not very vintagey, and it's made of a very stretchy jersey which, IMHO, is not the perfect fabric for a garment which can be submitted to being pulled. 

However, if you look at it upside down...

Am I the only one to see a possible batwing top in this upside-down skirt? Of course, it has yet to be cut and given a shape of some sorts - I don't know if I'll go for a cowl or bateau neckline, or what the sleeves can be made to look like - but I think there is some potential for a top here. Something that might look like this one or that one. And it would probably not be submitted to as much pulling and stretching as it was in its "skirt" form.

Maybe I'm going to tackle this...once I'm done with my boyfriend's shirt (I had to add one button hole and therefore it's missing a button. Duh.)

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