lundi 1 octobre 2012

A pledge to myself (and whoever cares to witness it)

Even though I started sewing a little more than one year ago now (more on that in a forecoming post), I still consider myself a beginner...but even so, when I find myself window-shopping in my spare time, I often say to myself : "Oh wait, with the right pattern and fabric, I could totally make that for the same price and even for less, and this would not involve people from far-away countries working their asses off and getting paid less than shit..." 
So there you go :

 "I, Juliette, do hereby swear, from this day henceforth, to try and make as much of my own clothing as I can..."

...that, for the moment, still excludes pants, outerwear, lingerie, knitted items and shoes, but hopefully this list wil get shorter and shorter as time goes by.

And that makes me think : sewing my own clothing is all very nice, but where does the fabric come from? How could I make sure that the fabric I'm using did not involve the work of underpaid and badly treated people? And make sure that this fabric remains affordable?

If anybody can give me ideas - apart from refashioning - to find fabrics that don't cost an arm and a leg and were made according to the respect of human conditions...I'm all ears!!

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