jeudi 26 avril 2012

Some Cuisine. And a fun pic.

Up to now, no "cuisine"-labelled post had been published on this blog. Consider it done, even if the cook involved here is not yours truly.
Here is what I have now been seeing for a few weeks in  the windows of a bakery, not far from my home :
Sorry for the crappy phone picture. But to the point, now.
As you all know, Easter was a few weeks ago. And at the same time, here in France, we are in the process of voting for a new President. And this baker had the idea of decorating his window with racing chocolate eggs (you can't see their bodies behind the "Arrivée" sign, but yes, they're chocolate eggs!), each of them standing for one of the, it's a bit of a pity I did'nt take the pic last week, when the 8 other candidates were "still in the race"...but still, it's fun, isn't it?
And who will the last one be? We'll know it on the 6th of May...and when we get there, don't forget to vote!

NB : I just posted this picture because I thought it was fun. If anybody wants to discuss politics, please don't do it there. There's plenty of specialized forums where you can do just that.
As I said before, this is NOT a politics blogs.

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