vendredi 11 mai 2012

Another one down, 12 to go!

Yes, I'm referring to my to-sew list.

Introducing…my version of Gertie’s « layer cake crinoline ». Slightly modified. As I was in the process of making it, I actually decided I didn’t like the length of the « slip » part. So I shortened it by 10 cm (about 4 inches) and added a 3rd tier at the bottom, the same length.

What I’ve learned from this project :

· working with a fabric I really wasn’t used to – organza (I think my organza is a synthetic. Polyester maybe). At first I really thought it was a pain in the…um…neck, because the fabric is so thin, frays easily and is so hard to keep in place.
· And working with elastic. Which was fun, in my opinion.
I wasn’t sure of what it would look like at the beginning, but overall I am rather pleased with the result. From the outside and if you don’t look at the inside, that is. My seams on the inside are actually quite messy, and there’s one thing that confuses me. In the tutorial, to gather the tiers, Gertie advises to sew a piece of cotton string, using a zigzag stitch, on the top of the parts you want to gather, and then pull to gather the fabric. So I did (used kitchen string), and it worked. But once everything is sewn, what to do with the string ? Leave it in place or take it off ?

Well, I’m off to ask Gertie herself !


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