jeudi 18 juin 2015

Finished : Red Striped Dolores

After sewing for my sister, and before moving to something bigger for the Outfit Along, I decided it would be great if I made a top, as I don't have that many handmade tops in my wardrobe. So I made a Dolores.

 A few years ago, I had tried to make a 50s style 2-seams wrap top after seeing Casey's version. As I was still a pretty inexperiences seamstress, I ended up with something rather awful and hardly wearable, and my top (which was basically no more than a rectangle of fabric - actually already folded as recommended in Dolores's cutting layout, how convenient! - with one seam connecting the selvedges and another perpendicular one) was soon put into the refashion pile...until this last week, when I decided to see if I had enough fabric to fit the Dolores pattern pieces onto it. Yay for refashioning and stashbusting!

Seriously, this pattern is so easy to make and takes so little time, making a Dolores almost feels like cheating or something. My fabric was not quite wide enough to fit the whole pattern, and the sleeves are shorter than they are supposed to be, but it still turns out pretty wearable in my opinion! And these short and wide sleeves are really perfect for the hot summer weather!

Also, as I recently picked up two pieces of striped jersey from Toto for a steal, you can expect other Doloresses in the least one dress, and probably a top!

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