mardi 2 juin 2015

MMM 2015 - Wrap-up and musings

Well folks, Me Made May is over! I got a bit lazy on my photo-taking last week, so you'll have to take my word for it : I wore at least one memade item everyday. However, there have been some outfit repeats and it did'nt seem interesting to me to document these.

Here's the list of all the me-mades I've been wearing : B5895 (unfortunately not wearable anymore now, since I fell and tore it at the knee), Aiken Sweater, Hawthorn dress, Dolores dress, Myrna cardigan, Wearing History pants, refashioned top, Hortencia Cardigan, Day of the Dead skirt (mentioned in this post), refashioned skirt with embroidered waistband, tattoo skirt, Sorbetto top, Moneta dress, Lonsdale dress, Jazzy Ginger skirt, Lobster Picnic Blanket skirt, refashioned yellow top, Nix shawl (not blogged - yet - but can be spotted in a few pictures), and a red Miette cardigan (not blogged yet and almost finished - it's still waiting for its buttons and reinforced button bands!) are my thoughts on the experiment :
  • I need more casual dresses because it's an easy way to look put together without much fuss;
  • I need more tops;
  • I need more bottoms;
  • I need to go back to sewing spring/summer garments;
  • I need more "neutral" garments, a big part of what I currently have in my closet has been sewn when I was just beginning and was attracted by every bright and weird print I could set eyes on...  It's OK for weekends and holidays, but I don't think it fits in an everyday wardrobe;
  • I'm starting to have a nice range of cardigans to choose from, which is always nice to take an outfit from one look to another!

Although it's been interesting to read why some people did NOT take part in mmm2015, I'm not in their case...and I have to admit I found it interesting and helpful to be a part of it!

Apart from that, I'm going through a bit of a burnout right now. I thought being unemployed would mean I'd have more time and energy to sew, but it's actually quite the opposite. I'm training quite hard because I have a test to enter a training course in a few weeks, and I don't want to miss it. This, plus looking for a job to fill in before my training starts, is very time-consuming, and I have no motivation left for sewing. On top of this, I do have a garment to sew, which is actually an order ; although I've made quite a few muslins, I'm still afraid it's not going to fit, and I'm dragging my feet...

Well, all I have to do is motivate myself to get it done quickly so I can start sewing something I really want to make!

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