lundi 15 juin 2015

Charlotte's Airelle

I haven't been sewing for myself a lot these past few months, mostly because I was actually busy first order (Well, sewing it actually didn't take THAT long, but as I couldn't see my "customer" very often, the fitting process seemd to take ages!)!

This Deer and Doe Airelle blouse was made for my sister's birthday. She supplied the fabric, a beautiful green/black linen, we chose the pattern together...and there I went!
As she is rather busty, I was afraid I'd have to do a FBA but that actually didn't happen.
Here are the modifications I made to get something that fits :
  • I cut a size 38 (which corresponded to her high bust measurements) at the top, then graded to a 40 at the waist, and made the whole top 5 cm longer ;
  • I added an invisible side zip and a little slit at the back of the neck to make the garment easier to put on;
  • Surprisingly enough, I had to remove some fabric in the bust area, both in width and length, otherwise it would have been baggy ;
  • I also moved the front dart so they pointed in the right direction, and made them deeper;
  • And finally, I added a bit of  black piping on the shoulder yoke, both at the front and back. I also made little pleats instead of gather when I attached the yoke to the front part, because my gathers really looked like crap.

Unfortunately, due to some mobile phone problems, I can't show any pictures of my sister wearing it...but the fit was spot on and she was really happy with it!

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