lundi 30 mars 2015

Gimme some Rock'n'Roll : Demented Are Go

For those who know them, I'm not sure these guys need an introduction...For those who don't, you can find more informations on Wikipedia (in French and in English). And if you want to hear what they sound like, go check YouTube.

They happened to play on last Friday evening in Orléans, not (too) far from where I live, and my boyfriend and I didn't want to miss it, because psychobilly gigs are really rare non-existent in our area, sooo...we went!
And we didn't regret it!The venue was not really big and the crowd took some time to warm up (to the annoyance of 6 Feet Down, the French band who played the opening gig) but the show was really great!
Funny enough, even though Sparky (DAG's lead singer, for those who don't know) downed quite a few wine glasses, beers and so on (all the while putting on a hell of a show), he still took the time to check on a guy who was apparently totally high (or down, that was hard to tell) on drugs, just to see if he was OK. So, who says punks and rockers can't have manners?!

All in all it was a very musical weekend for me, as I also got to see Al Willis and the New Swingsters live on Saturday evening! Sure, it was more sedate than DAG, but a great show nonetheless!

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