lundi 13 avril 2015

Finished : cigarette pants

Well, these took a long time to finish...and I can thank my sewing buddies for the fact that they're actually done now!

The pattern is B5895 - a "pattern by Gertie", which I had already used previously to make capri/pedal pushers.

Pocket detail - I used some scrap fabric remaining from one of my first ever sewing projects!

This was my first time using the rotary cutter I got for Christmas... and I don't want to go back to classical scissors!
One of the reasons why it took so long for me to finish is because I made a stupid mistake : I forgot that I had to be careful of the nap directrion, so I layed the front of the pants out on the fabric one way, and the back another way, and I found myself with a back and a front that looked as if they belonged to a different item of clothing...So I ripped everything off (I could have kicked myself, I had already assembled my pants - even made flat-felled seams on the inside leg -  and only had to sew the waistband!) and cut a new piece for the front of my pants.
Fortunately, this was one of these 5€-for-3-meters coupon from Les Coupons de Saint-Pierre, so I had plenty of fabric left...I could even cut a Chataigne skirt in what was left!

Now...I'm not used to talk about my life here, but I feel there's something I must say now.
Long story short, I've been dismissed from my job because of some disagreements with my employers. I'd like to take a training course before going back to any kind of job search, but training doesn't come out cheap and getting it funded by Pôle Emploi won't be easy. Which means stressfull times ahead for me. This is somewhat draining my energy and takes the fun out from things I like doing, like sewing.

Fortunately, I have some great sewing buddies, and we had planned a meeting : nine girls, sewing machines, sergers, food and drinks...everything you need to complete a project!
This meeting gave me the kick in the ass I needed to finish my pants, and I could even borrow a serger to get some proper seam finishes!

To conclude this post, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my sewing buddies...this meeting really was like a breath of fresh air to me! 

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