dimanche 1 juin 2014

Smooth Sailing strikes again!

Remember my yellow linen pants ? I made them last year because I needed some pants that were classy, casual and with the right amount of retro. Although they were not perfect ( the waistband was notably far too loose) I loved these pants and really wore them to death...so much that they actually got damaged. They were starting to show signs of heavy fraying around the back darts, and were not in a state that allowed me to wear them at work.
And here I was, once more in need of a pair of casual, but office-friendly pants
So, for the 3rd time now, I dug out my Wearing History's Smooth Sailing pants pattern...but I made a few changes to the pattern. Here they are :

  • I took the waist in and removed 1 inch from it ;
  • I added pockets (which I'm not sure was a good idea as I had to insert a side seam zipper, but it works! However, my pockets being far too narrow for me to put my hands in it comfortably, I'll have to re-draft them if I make another version - which is highly likely) ;
  • I made 4 tucks at the front instead of 2 ;
  • I doubled the width of the waistband, which results in a much more high-waisted looks and allows me (see picture below for evidence) to wear my "breton-top-which-used-to-be-a-skirt" without flashing my belly! Yay!
And dare I say, I absolutely love my new pants!

Picture taken by my boyfriend! Daylight and a lovely background are so much better than a dimly lit building hall, don't you think? 

Well, I'll leave you for now and go back to my Hawthorn muslin for the Oufit Along! Bye everybody!

2 commentaires:

  1. These trousers are awesome! Love the extra pleats in the front. I've been looking for a 1940's trouser pattern, I'll have to look this one up :)

    1. Thanks! It took a little bit of time to get the fit right, but apart from that these pants are really simple to sew. There's also a blouse pattern included in the set, but I haven't made it yet.