mercredi 1 août 2012

The Lily Diaries Part 5 - Aloha!

Well, actually it's been finished for more than one week now, the last of the catch-stitching having been done in the morning of Saturday July 21st, and it's been worn twice, but I could'nt get any pictures taken before last Sunday...
Anyhow, there you go !

In case it doesn't show, I'm quite happy with the result...

Invisible zipper? FAIL. "I don't have any teal invisible zippers, but if it's properly sewn in you'll only see the zipper tab!", man at my fabric store said. Well then, I guess it's not properly sewn (and the zipper hasn't been pressed after sewing, either, which might help making it less noticeable). Nevermind, I'll do better the next time.

I wanted to try and finish the seams properly but only half succeeded in it. Some of my seams are very...roughly finished, and some - front and back seams in the bodice - were bound with some bias trim, which, I think, gives more shape to my bodice. I also finished my hem with some catch-stitched lace trim, but have no pictures to show you (those I took yesterday evening were too dark, blurry and useless).

Well now, on to some "technical details" concerning the project and pattern : 

Pattern : Colette Patterns Lily.
Fabric : Alexander Henry’s "Tiki Island" 100% cotton fabric in blue, plus some off-white cotton voile underlining, black satin for the straps and flaps and nonwoven fusible interfacing.

Notions : invisible (ahem...) zipper.

Any difficulties ? None whatsoever, though I couldn't figure out at first how to put the neckine facing in place (I thought the straps would be sandwiched between the flap and the facing, and would therefore be in the way when it's time to flip the facing to the inside of the dress...but I finally understood how it had to be done and from this moment on it was OK). Oh, and some burnt fabric, but I'll be more cautious with my iron next time.
And it's not a difficulty, but the underlining process took quite a lot of time. I'm glad I did it all the same, as it gives a nice thickness to the fabric and makes it (or so it seems to me) almost not wrinkly at all.
As for the pattern, I tweaked it a little bit - made the bodice longer to fit my long torso (well, not so long, but longer than whoever this pattern was initially made for) and also lengthened the skirt so it falls below the knees for a more 50s look.

Wear again ? Hell yes! I think this dress is just awesome for week-ends and evenings out. Not to mention that it's pretty comfortable. The bodice is fitted, but not so much that I cannot breeze, and the skirt doesn't ride up as I walk, something that always annoys me. So, all in all, I'm very pleased with the fit.

Make again ? Most certainly. I think this pattern is very versatile and could be made in many fabrics to make it look more or less casual or dressy - I'd love to make a denim version, playing with the wrong and right side of the fabrics to make the flaps, putting in some copper buttons to make the flaps lie down, gold or red topstitching and - why not? - making a cuff to the skirt instead of a hem (inspired from this skirt)...
As far as difficulty is concerned, I'm a little puzzled by the "intermediate" label. Indeed, you'd best take your time while making your muslin and fitting this pattern, but once the fitting is done, the sewing part is really easy!
I also think this pattern could be "de-constructed", in a way, to make a kind of a playsuit set, with the bodice as a top, the Iris shorts, and a flared version of the skirt (with a waistband, and maybe a button-down skirt)... what would you think?

Have a nice day everyone!

8 commentaires:

  1. Your Lily is so rock'n'roll! I think a flared skirt can look cool combined with this bodice.

    1. I think so too!This pattern, besides being very flattering, is so versatile and can apparently lend itself to lots of different interpretation, I don't understand why so few people are making it. Maybe they are daunted by the "intermediate" label on the envelope?

  2. This is the definition of awesome. LOVE IT!

  3. Just gorgeous! The fit is great too. I love your fabric choices. I agree that it could look amazing in denim.

    I think I read on the Colette blog that it is labelled "intermediate" because of all the cutting out as there are lots of pieces to keep track of. But you are right that the sewing part is quite straightforward. I have just finished a Lily with a half circle skirt which I love - no pics yet though!

    1. A Lily with a half-circle skirt? This sounds great, I'd love to see some pictures!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is the best dress perhaps ever!!! By far the best Lily dress I've seen for sure. Well done, it looks amazing on you xxx

    1. Aw, thanks a lot!However, you're lucky I didn't include any pictures of the innards of this dress, because they're far from looking as good as the outside...nevermind, I'll be more patient next time and maybe I'll succeed in making one properly-finished garment!