mercredi 5 septembre 2012

I'm back (from unproductive holidays)!

Hello everyone!
So, after a month of absence - which includes 3 weeks of well-deserved holidays - I am back. This all gave me time to rest, see friends, stay at my parent's for a while...but not to sew very much, I'm afraid. Mainly, because my dear Christine has been having a few more fits. I took her back where I bought her (they also repair the machines there) and was told there was something wrong with the pedal, which they very kindly swapped with one that worked without charging me anything.
Nevertheless, I managed to whip up a few things. First was this Sorbetto top (pattern for download here), which I made using an old linen tunic I didn't wear anymore. 
Front of the Sorbetto...

The sewing in itself was really quick...but first I had to rip apart all the seams of the old tunic. And that wasn't quick. After I finally succeeded in it, there came disappointment : even without doing the front pleat, it seemed like I wouldn't have enough fabric to make it. I was about to give up, when I realized - don't ask me why - that it would be (almost) OK if I turned it back to front. So I did. 

...and back (the buttons where initially at the front of the tunic). I still had to  taper the  seam allowance to about  5mm (1/4 of an inch) so I could sew all the way up to the armholes, but finally, I could do it!
I also wanted to have sleeves, so I had downloaded and printed Mena's sleeve pattern (available here)... but I lost it (and still haven't found it yet, which is kind of creepy because my flat is not so big). So I grabbed my faithful nonwoven interfacing and tried to draw a quick'n'dirty sleeve pattern of my own. It is by no means perfect, and I suck at setting sleeves in (mind you, it was my first try after all)...but the result, in my humble opinion, is wearable. 

Here's another project I tackled after the Sorbetto...You might have recognized Sewaholic's Lonsdale dress. After checking my measurements, I first thought I'd need a FBA...but it turns out I actually need...aargh...a large waist adjustment (or a good diet...but it might be quicker to just adjust the dress for the moment). I have made 2 muslins of the bodice so far and have yet to decide if I carry on (if I do, the final version will be made in a navy blue polka dot cotton lawn) or put it aside and try to complete it for next summer, because someone will have to a have his birthday present finished by the end of October (and I'm still waiting for the pattern).

Even on Betty, it looks too tight...

Finally, here's a last project : DIY saddle shoes. I know, these H&M sneakers don't look like saddle shoes at all...but they finally should if I succeed in following this tutorial. Besides, it will have been far less expensive than the actual thing. 

Here are my shoes, taped (not obvious because I used crystal-clear tape) and waiting to be painted.

Well, have a nice day everyone, and stay tuned for more news!

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  1. Ah! That shoe tutorial is so cool! Can't wait to see your finished product! Good luck with the lonsdale too, I'm sure you'll get it right in the end!

    1. Thanks for the support!I think I definitely can finish that Lonsdale, it's just a matter of time (and of me being a wee bit frustrated because I didn't get as much time to sew as I would've liked this summer...), and the sewing of it is fairly simple in itself.