lundi 25 juin 2012

The Lily Diaries Part 2 - A muslin...and a name for my sewing machine

Hi everyone!
Well, this time I tried to keep to some sort of a schedule, so this post still relates recent event (more than in last week's post at least).
I think we were talking about the Lily, weren't we? Well, here's how it went so far.
On Saturday, I drew the pattern pieces on my muslin fabric and cut them...

This is Gipsy, who seems to think my muslin pieces make a purrfect cat bed. She got all cranky when I  made her get up to take what I needed.

 And by 6 PM on Sunday, this is how far I'd gotten :
No straps and zipper yet, everything is held together at the back with a few safety pins, but  it looks as if we're going to get there, doesn't it?

Pockets!These were so much fun to sew in place!
Once this was done, I began sewing my straps. I had noticed my bobbin thread was a little bit loose...and this is when my machine chose to give me a bit of a fright. As I had taken the strap I was working on back from under the needle, my machine began to sew by itself (I swear, my foot wasn't on the pedal!!!!), the motor revved up and didn't stop when I switched it off. I had to unplug it and it had gotten so fast the needle broke and the bobbin holder began smoking.

So this is how my machine earned herself a name : Christine. I know, she's not a '58 Plymouth Fury. But she's red. And she's got a bitchy temper.

That same evening, after going out for a drink with my boyfriend, and letting Christine some time to cool down, I managed to sew my straps on (sorry, no pictures) and began hand-basting my zipper.

Have a nice week everyone, see you next week-end to talk about fitting!

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh dear, that would have given me a hell of a fright and sent me scurrying for a drink! Good luck with Christine, hopefully her tantrums are few and far between.

    1. I hope Christine will not scare me like that too often...I'd hate having to bring her back for a repair, or worse, having to buy a new machine! That's not something I could afford at the moment!
      (Well, I think she might have had something stuck in the pedal. I can't see anything else that might have gotten her started as I had my foot off the pedal.)

  2. Wow! Scary machine! I hope it doesn't do that again!