jeudi 21 juin 2012

The Lily Diaries – Part 1 : tracing and cutting the pattern

Last weekend was the kick-off of my Lily project (sorry, I promised news before Monday in the last post, but I lacked the time to…do it on time, actually). After fabric shopping (off-white cotton voile to underline my main fabric, fusible interfacing, black satin for the contrasting flaps, a zipper and some fabric for my muslin…oh, and the infamous invisible zipper foot mentioned in the post before last, though I have yet to understand how to install it on my machine…maybe I’ll go back to the shop and ask the guy who sold me the machine for advice…) I started tracing my pattern on non-woven interfacing (I just cut roughly around the pattern pieces and didn’t cut them to my size. You never know, in case I had a dramatic weight variation or had to make something out of this pattern for somebody else…) and then I cut it. I now have the main pattern pieces (just bodice, skirt and shoulder straps) cut in my size and, if needed, it is my non-woven version of the pattern that I will alter, and not the original.

Pattern tracing workshop coming soon…
I also used tracing paper (not pictured here) but chose to do without the tracing wheel after a while because the markings were too faint.

In progress...

 …And here are my trusty pattern weights. Yay for canned tuna and soy beans!

Next weekend: cutting the muslin and putting it together. And maybe start to work on fitting, if I have the time.

See you!

2 commentaires:

  1. Exciting! I have started work on my second Lily dress. There is a lot of preparation to do as there are lots of pieces to cut out but the sewing is straightforward. Looking forward to seeing your version too.

    1. I'm not there yet, but the sewing part does seem pretty easy - especially because there are no dart I guess. And as I plan to document the whole making of, don't worry, you'll see the finished dress! Probably later than sooner, but we'll get there!

      Thanks for commenting!