vendredi 15 juin 2012

Happy birthday…and some sewing news !

Last weekend, I celebrated my birthday (I’m now 29, if you care to know). I was rather spoiled, as you can see.

(Sorry for the blurry phone pic. You might have recognized Colette Pattern's Lily, Sencha, Violet and Ginger, as well as Sewaholic's Lonsdale. Yeah, I know. None of these patterns are actually listed in the to-sew list I tried to make a while back…)
And of course, among what you can see, is my next sewing project…a guess, anyone ? No ? Well, here’s another clue :

Ah, this is becoming clearer now, does’nt it ? I think the Lily would look quite great in this fabric, and I’m even happier with my choice since I saw that a well-known blogger lady, whose good taste cannot be questioned (in my humble opinion at least), is also going to make a Lily in a Hawaiian inspired fabric.

Now here is what I will do : I will try to cover all the steps in the construction of this dress, from  cutting the pattern pieces to sewing the final hem on the finished dress. I won’t be calling this a sewalong, as I am not yet a skilled enough sewer to give any sort of advice. However, of course, you will be welcome to bear with me as I go through the steps until my Lily is done, and comment as much as you like if you have any piece of advice that might be useful.

Having a rather heavy work schedule, I have to warn you that the process will be a slow one, and that I will probably not be as well organized as other bloggers might be. But keep your eyes peeled, I’ll try my best to give you more news before next Monday !

See ya, all !


3 commentaires:

  1. Oh! A Lily in this fabric would be just gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Oh I love that fabric!!! Cant wait to read more about it!

    1. Haha, don't worry, you will!That's the good point of blogging about what I sew, it motivates me to sew more regularly and think more on what I'm doing!Kind of a virtuous circle actually!