lundi 6 juillet 2015

Outfit Along : Finished dress!

For the Outfit Along 2015, I chose to make a mashup between Colette Pattern's Lily (it's currently Colette's Pattern of the month, so head over to their website if you want to grab a copy for 15% off!) and Tilly and the Buttons' Picnic Blanket skirt.
As I didn't have to underline my fabric, this dress was much quicker to make than my first version!
I used the pattern I had tweaked after my first version, but it was too I had to take the bodice in at the side seams by 3cm (1.5 on each side). I still think it could stand to be a little tighter, but it looks OK this way and at least my dress is not uncomfortably tight!
I used a black stretch cotton sateen for the bodice and pockets, and a watermelon print cotton for the skirt and flaps at the neckline and pockets.

I added a notch at the neckline flap and made halter straps instead of regular straps.

My zipper would be more invisible if I had bothered to give it a press...but one part of it is black on black, and the other is hidden in the skirt's gathers. Soooo can we say it's *almost* invisible?

This pic gives a better view of the pockets. I used the original pattern piece but made my pockets 5 cm shorter so they're not so deep. Even though, they're still roomy enough to contain my phone and keys! 
Here's my faux waist stay. I even made a facing of sorts to hide the zipper edge and center back seams.
And here's the hem!

I've just finished knitting my OAL cardi, but it's still waiting for its buttons and reinforced button bands. I hope I get them soon enough, and I hope the temperatures are going to drop's currently far too hot to wear a cardigan, even just to take a picture of it!

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  1. Amazing ! :-) What a lovely dress you've made ! Now that the weather is cooler in Tours, you can wear your cardigan (during the night and the early morning :p) and show it to us ! We want pics!

    1. Nath, you are demasqued ;) C'est vrai, je vais devoir me lever très tôt et/ou me coucher très tard si je veux porter mon gilet...mais pour pouvoir le mettre, il faudrait déjà qu'il ait des boutons! Je devrais les recevoir en fin de semaine ou la semaine prochaine, alors les photos attendront jusque là!