lundi 13 juillet 2015

Finished : Dolores the 3rd

Yeah, I know. You're getting bored. Thing is, I can't even promise you this is the last Dolores I'm sewing. We'll see!

As you can see, this is totally unplanned sewing. So much for trying to be organized!

Anyway, back to business. As I wanted it to be slightly more fitted in the bust area, I actually cut a size 10 at the top (just kept the sleeve length and neckline at my usual size 12), graded up to 12 at the hips, and then tapered back to 10 around the hem.
And I think it works quite well!

It looks pretty casual in this pic, but I think it could totally look more stylish with a wide belt and black flats. That would totally be an outfit I'd wear to a job interview!

Look at this stripe-matching!

Only trouble I had was when finishing the neckband. My fabric was very thin, and no matter how much I pressed it, it kept curling back when I pulled on the neckband to make it match the dress's neckline. I finally solved this problem with some knit binding bought from my local fabric shop, which I sewed on my neckline and then turned to the inside. And once again, I didn't use the band to finish the arms - just turned the hem under and stitched it with a twin needle. I like it better this way.

And here's one more dress, stylish and easy to wear, in my closet!

2 commentaires:

  1. je viens d'acheter à peu pres le meme tissu que toi à rayure noir et blanc, jolie!

    1. Merci :) Et toi, en quoi vas-tu transformer ton tissu?