mardi 22 avril 2014

Sew For Victory : in progress!

Hi everybody, here's a little update on my Sew For Victory project! It wasn't easy to start (not due to the pattern itself but rather to my tight schedule...), but it looks like we'll finally get there on time!

Come on. Go ahead. HAVE A GOOD LAUGH at this awesome fabric I'm using for a muslin! I guess is was originally intended to make bed sheets or duvet covers for kids, but it also happened to be close enough in terms of drape/body, to my fashion fabric. And it was cheap.

Self-drafted patch pockets with flaps. I know, my pocket flaps are half disapearing under my waistband and in the side seam, and I could hardly put three fingers in my pockets. But don't worry, I made new pattern pieces and the final pockets should allow me to use them for realz.

And here's my first attempt at a lapped zipper! A bit wonky but I think I got the gist of it. Anyway, I'll probably end up making a hand-picked lapped zipper, as I always trust my hand-sewing more than my sewing machine when it comes to being precise. And hand-sewing is all the more vintage, don't you think?
I actually completed this muslin this weekend, and I'm pretty happy to say it seems to fit without any alterations apart from those I had already made - lengthening the skirt and slashing-and-spreading to make it more flared. I did'nt get much sewing done over this Easter weekend, between eating chocolate and attending a B-movie festival taking place in my city, but I still managed to trace my pattern and cut my fashion fabric...and as the Ginger skirt is a quick make, I hope I'll finish it before April 30th! Fingers crossed!

4 commentaires:

  1. Bon, OK, j'avoue : j'ai bien rigolé (le tissu, l'histoire des poches) !

    1. Hé oui, je me disais bien que ce tissu allait faire rigoler : objectif atteint! Vive Toto pour les tissus pas cher et les imprimés décalés!
      Et pour les poches, faut pas être trop méchant(e)s, c'est la première fois que j'en ajoute alors qu'elles ne sont pas incluses dans un patron!

    2. C'est pas moi qui te donnerait des tuyaux : me connaissant, j'aurais cousu tout autour MDR !!!

  2. moi j'avoue les poches je ne sais pas faire alors je ne peux qu'applaudir !!!!!