mercredi 4 décembre 2013

My participation for FESA 2013 : finished at last !

Well, this one took a long time coming. I first thought that 2 months would be more than enough to finish one garment, but life got in the way and I’ve been a bit under the weather emotionally, which deprived me of my sewing mojo.
But it’s all over and better now, and now my FESA participation is finished !
Sorry for this yellowish light, I don't understand what happened (and yet I did try to correct it in photo editing skills have to be improved. Duh.)

Here are the facts :

Pattern : Wearing History Home Front Overalls.

Fabric : linen and viscose blend, plus some white cotton for the facings and wrong side of straps.

Notions : thread (+ red cotton thread for my bound buttonholes), buttons, snap, fusible interfacing, bias tape.

Any difficulties ? Well…this is the second pattern from Wearing History that I’m making and I really think that, next time I order from them, I’ll take the smaller size pack. I actually made quite a few modifications to make the whole damn thing fit me. In the end, it does, but I had to make two muslins to attain a result that is still not perfect. But let’s not put all the « blame » (the notion of « blame » here is relative : Wearing History patterns are on the whole very well made, it’s just not so easy when you fall between two sizes!) on the pattern, shall we ? I think that, along with my perfectible sewing skills, the fabric also played its part in making this garment a challenge. It’s actually very shifty and the weave is rather loose, and I’m actually not sure, in spite of my efforts, that I cut all the pattern pieces on grain. And on top of it, that shit really frays like hell. Next time I’ll think twice before buying cheap fabric.
This pattern was also my first time using bias strip as a facing, which I’m not exactly fond of. Maybe it works on other types of garments, but as far as I’m concerned, a facing or even a lining might have worked better here.

Make again ? As this garment was quite long for me to make (partly because I had to alter the pattern, and partly because I’ve been tired and depressed while sewing it), I don’t think I’ll sew it again very soon…but my love for 40s overalls is intact, and I think there might be another pair of these in the future. In a beautiful wool (tweed, perhaps ?), or at least in a fabric with more body, like a twill or a gabardine.

Wear again ?Although I think this garment looks like it's been made by a 3-year-old, and although I technically consider, on second thought, as a 3rd (but wearable!!) muslin... Yes ! I will wear it again! But I think I'll wait till it gets warmer as the weather is starting to be chilly where I live.

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