mardi 16 juillet 2013

First UFO : finished at last!

Hi folks!
Remember the Lonsdale dress I mentioned in this post? Well, it's over now!

As I said last year, I first thought, as I'd read before that Sewaholic caters for pear-shaped ladies, that i'd need an FBA, not thinking of myself as pear shaped. However it turned out that what I needed was more room at the waist. I therefore proceeded to add whatever was needed, made 2 bodice muslins that didn't fit...and then, before I knew it, my holidays were over, and the time to wear breezy summer dresses was gone. So I stuffed my muslins away and worked on some Fall sewing.
But...I didn't want to call it a day! So, a bit more than two weeks ago, I took the most recent of my 2 muslins and tried it on again. As it was still too tight at the waist, and I didn't want to bother altering my traced pattern one more time, I decided to re-trace the whole bodice entirely, grading up from a size 6 at the bust, to a size 8 at the waist and hips. And, lo and behold, the fit of my 3rd muslin was much better!
Once that matter was settled, putting the whole dress together was a really quick and pleasant job. The only other alteration I made was to move the loops to the side a little bit, so the straps didn't cover my back tat.

At first I wanted to finish all the seams in the skirt with bias strip, but I finally just finished the center back seam and the zipper this way, using a cute anchor print bias trim. The other seams are just turned under and stitched, which is probably going to be my new favorite seam finish for light fabrics. I also handpicked the zipper and I have to say I really love that way of attaching zippers! I'm still a bit awkward with my machine when it comes to attaching zippers (remember this epic invisible zipper fail on my Lily dress?) and this technique allows me to get as close as I can to an invisible zipper (even if it's not an invisible zipper per say).
Here, you can see the anchor print bias trim and the lace-trimmed hem. Sorry about the flash, but if I hadn't used it you couldn't have seen the lace!

I also wanted to finish the hem with lace, which is probably not the best idea I ever had. It just took AGES. And although it doesn't show unless you have your nose sticked to it, it looks like weird scalloped stitches  on the right side of the dress (er...let's just say it's an intentional design effect, shall we?). Lesson learned, and note to myself : If you're not patient enough to make it fancy, then keep it simple. And if you want to do this kind of finish, underline, so it doesn't show on the outside.

And now, a few technical details : 

Fabric : 100% navy polkadot cotton lawn
Notions : zipper, bias trim, lace trim
Any difficulties ? None whatsoever, although I tried to make things complicated when I should have kept them simple (lace-trimmed hem vs simple hem).
Wear again ? Sure, as often as possible! This is a great dress for week-ends, easy to dress up or down.
Make again ? Not sure yet ...but I might, considering how quick it is to make!I just have to find the right fabric!

Other outfit details : 
Hair flowers from Claire's (big white rose) and Paradirama (orange orchid)
Belt and handbag from H&M's
Bluebird sandals from Miss L Fire.
Chiffon scarf (on handbag) from Rockahula Isla Retro Delights
Vogue sunglasses from my local optician, a few years ago.

5 commentaires:

  1. So cute !!! Yes, you're very cut in this dress !

    bon d'accord je peux aussi écrire en français, d'ailleurs y'aura moins de faute... Ravie de t'avoir rencontrée sur T&N... nous avons des choses en commun

    1. Merci, et contente de t'avoir rencontrée aussi! En effet, après avoir vu tes projets sur T&N, il me semble que nous avons des goûts communs...;)

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog, so I hope you won't think me pushy if I leave a suggestion: Scalloped hem lace--yes, you can use this pretty lace in your hems, but just try flipping it around so that you sew the scalloped edge by machine first to the skirt hem edge with a straight stitch that passes along the bottom of the lace scallops (don't worry, those loose scallops will iron flat). This way your will be able to hand sew your hem along the straight edge of the lace (and it will look great).

    1. Hello Jen, and welcome to my blog! Don't worry, you're not being pushy at all! Thanks for the tip, I'll remember it next time I do that kind of hem!

  3. Cute, love the polka dot fabric! :)