mardi 10 juillet 2012

The Lily Diaries Part 4 - All is rather quiet...

...on the sewing front. Actually, I did try to work on my dress this week, but got stopped by an ironing mishap.
On thursday evening, I had decided to cut my pocket and neckline flaps in advance so they would be ready when time comes to sew the whole dress together,and when the moment came to press, I was all, "why the f*** is this bloody iron leaking like that???" Frequent answer to this kind of question is, RTFM. So I did. Handbook said, "your iron might be leaking because it's not hot enough". OK then, let's heat it up, shall we?
Well, heating up did stop the leaking...but it also burned my fabric and left a huge stain on the sole plate of my iron. You could guess how disheartened I was when I saw that my neckline flap was useless due to the huge hole in I went to bed, and that was all for this day.
The next day I reported my adventures on the CP Forum...and was lucky enough to get an answer from Helen, thanks to whom I shall be much more careful when using my iron in the future. Thank you again, Helen, for reminding me that the steam CAN be switched off.
Therefore, during the week-end, I hacked off the burnt part from my neckline flap and replaced it, and was able to press all my flaps nicely. I also started basting my underlinig on my fashion fabric, and understood that I had overestimated my abilily to get this dress finished over the week-end. It seemed to take me AGES, and it's not even over yet - but probably because, a) I'm doing it for the first time, and b)I'm trying to keep the print as matchy-matchy as possible. I'm lucky I had ordered twice the amount of fabric necessary fo the Lily, because it seems the first piece of fabric I cut will not be enough (hopefully, once I'm done with the dress, there should remain enough fabric to make a shirt for my boyfriend...fingers crossed...)

On the right of the image, you can notice my already-underlined side-back bodice pieces, which I tried to  overlap on my fabric so I can place the back bodice pieces close to them and make it so that the print matches.
Well...all in all, that was quite a wordy post, especially seeing that I had not much to say, actually. So I will leave you for the moment with pictures of hot rods, music and even burlesque (well, after all, my blog is also supposed to be about rock'n'roll, isn't it?) from an event I attended this week-end.
 (NB : these are bands and artist I actually saw live during the week-end, but as I could'nt get to take as many pictures as I wanted, some of them will be from YouTube and so not my own.)

A friend's hot rod. The organizers of the event  had decided not to invite  many car owners this year, so there were mostly customized bikes and only 2 cars in addition to this one. As i like cars better than motorbikes, I was a little bit disappointed.

Hope you enjoy the music!
And this week-end, I think I should be able to finish my dress...just wait and see!

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