jeudi 29 mars 2012

Welcome everyone !

Well, the title of this blog says all (or almost…) about its contents, doesn’t it ?
Yeah, it’s all gonna be about Cuisine, Couture and Rock’n’Roll…but don’t let yourselves be deceiveded by the use of these fancy French words (after all, I am  French and these words mean about the same thing in both languages) : the « cuisine » part will be about some dubious cooking experiments (it all had its start here, go and try some of our recipes (some of the actually edible ones will probably be recycled on this blog), but be warned…this is not for the faint at heart !), the « couture » will probably not be « haute » as I am only a beginner seamstress, but rather stories of frustration, tears, and seam-ripper murders…and as for the « rock’n’roll » part, well, I will try to share a few things about some bands I like, some local and some not so.

My first aim, as I create this blog, is to be able to learn form fellow bloggers, not only through reading them, but also (I hope) through interacting with them…and then, who knows ? maybe I’ll be able to give some tips of my own!

So feel free to read, comment…wish me good luck, and the will to keep blogging regularly enough, if you please…and enjoy your visit of my blog !

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