lundi 2 novembre 2015

Gimme Some Rock'n'Roll : Washington Dead Cats (plus a few random bits)

Hi folks...long time no see!
So...what have I been up to these last weeks? Well, I went to Paris where I saw the best French psychobilly band - aka the Washington Dead Cats. This specific gig was given to celebrate the band's career's 30s birthday...and boy, what a gig! Salads and leeks fight, a balloon release, and even a burlesque performance by Juliette Dragon...we had it all! Here's a little video from this concert (not mine though) for your enjoyment.

In other words, I've been quite busy this last month and it's not going to stop soon. I've started a training course to become a web developer, so I don't have much time left for sewing these days (I'm still working on my boyfriends Negroni and I've just made a muslin for my future Ceylon...), and I have even less time for blogging. But I hope I'll soon be able to use my newly-acquired coding skills to try and develop my own website! And I can still find some time for knitting!
In the meantime, I think I might be more active on Instagram than on this blog these next come and have a look if you feel like it!

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