samedi 1 novembre 2014

In project for FESA : Chataigne skirt

Hi folks,

Just started muslin-ing my Chataigne skirt, for which I used Estelle's tutorial. And damn, was I right to make a muslin!

When I made the Chataigne shorts, they fit me right a way and no adjustments were needed. However, the skirt is super tight and will definitely need some adjustments, especially as I intend to line it. Nevertheless, I really like the overall look of it and I think it will be great if I manage to make it fit right!

the front...

the side...

and the back.

My last FESA project - the Aiken sweater - however, is not running as smoothly as I expected and looks a little too big overall. Not the pattern's fault, though - it's pretty quick and simple to knit. I started again with smaller needles and hope I'll be able to finish it - and my skirt - before the deadline...Fingers crossed!

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