vendredi 19 septembre 2014

Perfect cigarette pants : Burda vs Cynthia Rawley

So...this may (or may not) be part of my FESA 2014 plans, but I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect high waisted late 50s style cigarette pants pattern. I already have one pattern that might be a likely candidate (Gertie's B 5895), but I sort of got the fit right for the length and I'm afraid to mess everything up if I try to make it longer (don't know if that sounds very clear) I'd rather start afresh with a pattern originally designed to make proper pants (as opposed to capri/pedal pushers length).

I have already ordered the fabric to make them (a black stretch corduroy from Les Coupons de Saint-Pierre) but I still can't decide on the pattern.

So, which one of these 2 contenders is going to win?

On the left, Burda

Pros :

  • Rather cheap, print-at-home pattern, so no need to wait,
  • Don't know what they'd look like in real life but I like the Brigitte Bardot styling, this is what I'd like to emulate.

Cons :

  • I've never sewn from a Burda pattern ;
  • I'm scared of having to add seam allowances and of their reputation about sizing.

On the right : Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity

Pros :

  • They're not looking that vintage-y to me (or at least not in the way i'd like them to) but i see great potential in them;
  • I like where the waist hits (higher than natural waist).

Cons :

  • I know it's a designer pattern, but 11$ sounds expensive for a Big 4 pattern, plus I'd have to pay for the shipping and wait till they get in my mail box...
  • There seems to be a pleat at the front and I'm not sure what it would look like on me...
So, which one would you choose ? Unless you'd suggest another pattern?

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  1. Awesome shots :) I think you should share your photos on, too :)