mardi 30 avril 2013

The "Psychobilly Freakout" shirt

After an uneventful - sewing-wise, that is - month of March, I'm back to show what I've made last - another shirt for my boyfriend, from what is now becoming a tried and true pattern - Kwik Sew 3484.
This one is actually much simpler than the first - which you can see here - but there's actually a reason for it : it was actually simply supposed to be a background for a patch! Consequentially, the fabric and the thread I used for the buttonholes (handworked...again!) were actually chosen to match the colors of the patch!
Here's the shirt itself...

And here's the justification for the title of this post!
The fabric is a poly/cotton blend in a dark/greyish blue, the buttons are grey metal and the buttonholes are made with red thread. I initially intended to topstitch with the same thread I used to make the buttonholes, but my machine would have none of it. On top of it, at first I thought topstitching was just a long, straight machine stitch done with a thicker thread and a specific I went to my sewing machine and sewing supplies dealer and asked for such a needle, to which he answered there were no such needles (although I do remember reading about it...) and that topstitching was actually a specific stitch! You can imagine I felt pretty dumb.

But that's how you learn I guess...I finally found out the setting on my machine and will be able to topstitch the hell out of my next project. Stay tuned for that :)

And now I'm going to leave you with some music. Hope you enjoy it!

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