lundi 14 janvier 2013

1st 2013 finished project - The Caribbean Seas Violet

Watch out : this post is going to contain some rather heavy self-congratulations.
Here it is, then, my first make for 2013! Just finished on January 2nd!

(apologies for this picture - on top of me being a bad photographer, the light in my appartment is terrible and the fabric doesn't come out as pretty as it really is. It actually looks more like what you can see on this pic.)
 Now, why a "Caribbean Seas Violet", do you ask? Well first because my fabric is Madras cotton, hence the "Caribbean"...and if you want the explanation for "Seas", why don't you look at the buttons?

Without further ado, here are the details of this project :

Pattern : Colette Patterns Violet.
Fabric :100% Madras cotton, from my local fabric store.

Notions : tropical fish-shaped buttons and piping.

Any difficulties ? The Violet pattern is actually marked for beginners, and if you follow the directions, it is indeed very easy and quick to make. However this project did not go without a few challenges : some that I set for myself - a fabric with a directionnal weave,  piping (which I'd never used before), and a little addition to the pattern in the form of cuffed sleeves - and one that was unexpected - having to do a SBA. I also decided to cut the back yoke on the bias and make handworked buttonholes. Furthermore, I tried to pay more attention to the finishings : although the main seams are simply finished with a zigzag stitch, my facing is bias-bound!
I did not rush myself through this project - although I think it all came together pretty quickly - and I'm really glad I did not, because for the first time I can look at something I've made and be really proud of myself. No clumsy seam finishing, perfectly inserted sleeves (if I do say so myself...), correct hems...Yes. I'm happy about it.

Here's a cuffed sleeve. I drafted the cuff pattern myself and I'm pretty happy of how the cuff matches the fabric below it!

And here's my bias-cut back yoke.
Wear again ? Certainly...once the appropriate weather for light blouses is back! I wore it once already, but because of the cold it remained hidden under my sweater. Duh.

Make again ? I can't say it yet...I still consider myself a beginner seamstress, and as such I'm most attracted to making new things, vs taking back an "old" pattern and making another version of a garment I already own. But this blouse was definitely fun and easy to make, and on top of it it made me more confident about some things - inserting sleeves for instance - and it enabled me to try new skills. So I'd say yes, I'll probably make another violet, even if it's not in a near future.
Oh, and if I make it again, maybe I'll try to make the collar slightly more narrow.

And you, what was your first 2013 sewing project?

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    1. Thanks! :) That's pretty kind of you to say this, especially considering that these pictures were taken with my phone (my camera is out of order, and either way I'm no good with it), that the light is really awful and the pictures are not photoshopped!
      I just went to take a look at your blog. I don't speak Dutch but it looks pretty cool!