jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Sewing confessions : here are mine...

I just read Tasia's post about UFOs and thought : "Lucky me, I don't have any UFO yet!"...but then I thought twice and remembered Iactually had some UFOS, and even several projects which I had not yet even begun. Here's a list :

First of these projects was a 3/4 circle skirt which I wanted to make in a heavy sort of wool fabric. I started doing the maths for the pattern (self-drafted), bought the fabric (first time I ever regretted buying fabric, it was quite expensive (for me at least) and I took a hell of a lot of it, like 4m)...and then thought showing up to work in a huge skirt would be far too dramatic. So I did not even cut my fabric and left it at that.
Now, I don't hate 3/4 circle skirts. Nor do I hate the fabric I chose, a thick black fabric (have to check the components though)with a textured pattern that reminds me of the "wave" patterns in some Japanese designs.
However, on a scale of 1-10, the likelihood it's ever going to be made one day is 0. But nevermind, I'll find out someday how to use this fabric. A coat, maybe. When I'm not scared of attempting to make a coat anymore.

Second on my list, is Butterick's infamous Walkaway Dress. I had fallen in love with the pattern illustrations at my fabric store, and bought some fabric to make it - tiny cherries on an off-white background, but then I read the critics, on how the modernized version of the pattern didn't look like the illustration at, another project that stopped even before it started.
I actually quite like this pattern and think it would be great if I could make it look as good as it does on the pattern envelope - and I even found a tutorial to reach that goal!
So, will it get finished someday? On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 5. I 'll probably make a Walkaway dress...but not in a near future.

Third : Colette Pattern's Madeleine bloomers. I wanted to use remnants from some old flannel PJs which started to fall apart, and make some sort of wearable muslin to begin with. Hacking off my pyjamas took ages...and when I lay the pattern on them, I found out I didn't even have enough fabric. Disappointment ensued.
I don't have any fabric suitable for this project right at that moment, but I really like the pattern and will most certainly make it someday. So I'll give it a 7.

4th and last : Sewaholic's Lonsdale dress, blogged about here! I planned to make it in a navy polkadot cotton fabric, and I dropped it as I had just made my 2nd bodice muslin. My holidays were coming to an end, I went back to work, the weather for summer dresses passed...and I put the Lonsdale on the UFO pile, to work on projects that were more suitable for winter.
But not for long - I definitely hope to finish it and wear it next summer as I love both the pattern and the fabric I chose. So it's going to be a 10 for the Lonsdale!

So, here's for my UFOs...what about yours?

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